What we do

AgriVisual manufactures mobile video and public address units designed to enhance information flow on all kinds of topics, including agriculture, health, family planning, food security, civics, vocational skills, training and education. AgriVisual offers a range of mobile units built to meet different communications requirements. We also produce the information content that gets the message across to the different types of audiences.

Our aim is to make information more readily accessible to all, whether in urban, peri-urban or remote rural areas. Our services include the planning, design and implementation of location communications systems, the establishment of media production centres and appropriate broadcast capabilities.

AgriVisual takes full advantage of 21st century digital equipment and methodologies to improve the quality and effectiveness of communications.

One of our more recent not-for-profit initiatives is the publication of AV CHANNEL 21 for the benefit of our clients and their audiences to bring important messages to local communities in a package of entertainment, news, sports and education.